The B Law & Tax team is made up of lawyers and economists with backgrounds in international tax, foreign trade, business administration and international finance.

We are able to understand our clients´s cases and find the most effective and immediate solutions due to our firm´s diverse professional background. Our professionals have developed their skills working years in senior positions at prestigious taxation specialist companies throughout the private sector.

This provides us with unique and in-depth knowledge of Spain's and other countries' tax laws, and broad experience in national and international tax and commercial advising. Our professionals are actively engaged in the field of education. Some act as lecturers at universities and prestigious post-graduate schools, and some also publish articles in tax law journals (which you can consult in the section entitled "Publications").

Our top priority is to provide the best advice to our clients. Therefore, we are firmly committed to continue educating and training our staff in order to give our clients the best service and experience possible. 

B Law & Tax

B Law & Tax is a law firm that provides local and international legal and tax services to individuals and companies.

Our primary professional area of practise is, among others, international tax advice to companies with international projects, to high net worth individuals and family businesses.

Our success can be attributed to our highly specialized services with competitive fees.