About the firm

We are a team of qualified professionals that specialize in national and international tax law.

We handle all legal issues that can directly or indirectly affect companies, as well as commercial matters related to individuals.

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The services we offer are aimed at small and medium enterprises, expatriates, professional athletes, and entrepreneurs:Spanish residents and non-residents alike.

Our top priority is to maintain effective trust and communicationwith our clients, and our goal is to give to our clients the confidence they need to feel secure and satisfied with our services.

B Law & Tax puts its clients first. Our skilled staff is committed to finding the most suitable solution toevery case they face. B Law & Tax´s competent staff and commitment to its clients has led to the success of the firm.

We understand the importance of having a firm you can trust. As providers of a specialized service, we pride ourselves on quality services and immediate response times to our clients. We work with the customer values of loyalty and fidelity in mind, and we are proud of the trust our clients have in us. 

B Law & Tax

B Law & Tax is a law firm that provides local and international legal and tax services to individuals and companies.

Our primary professional area of practise is, among others, international tax advice to companies with international projects, to high net worth individuals and family businesses.

Our success can be attributed to our highly specialized services with competitive fees.